November 19, 2018

Wedding Proposal at Shark Island

Ben called me to photograph his engagement proposal and I never thought  I was going to be lucky enough to witness a moment like this! Everything was perfect!
The day was super sunny, the warmest day of the year so far.
He had prepared a beautiful picnic on the island with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge view, soooooo amazing.
Then they got to the island on a taxi boat and I was hiding behind a tree so Jessica didn’t see me and suspect something. (Of course, I was nervous…)
They got down the taxi and walked towards the picnic and I could tell she didn’t understand what was going on, but before she thought about anything Ben was already on his knee!!
She was so surprised! Such a beautiful moment.
Jessica said.. that this day was the happiest day of her life.. and look at that!! Everyone can tell its true!! I love her smile in all the photos!

I’m so lucky to call this my job and be able to surround with happy people, in love and full of dreams! (And yes… I almost cry)

How nice is this!??!


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