September 29, 2018

Engagement at Balmoral Beach

This is Cherry and Jeremy.

They are one of the best couples I have ever photoshoot!! Super fun and kind! They have lived there for 5 years so it was a very special location for them.

The day was a bit cold, cloudy and rainy, but they still wanted to do everything.

That’s the kind of couple I’m looking to work with! I definitely loved themm!

They even gave me a thank you card!! HOLY MOLYYYYY are they even real!??
Yes.. I almost cried.

Balmoral Beach is like 20 minutes away from my home… and when I discovered this place I didn’t hesitate in doing my next session there! It’s amazing!! So many kinds of textures, rocks, I LOVE IT!

Look how lucky they are!! We got to see a rainbow!!!!!



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