October 11, 2018

Watsons Bay Intimate Elopement

I think that over the time one of the things I love the most are Intimate Elopements, and this one stole my heart!

This is Jennie and Riaz, they got married this September.

The weather here in Sydney has been crazy! They had other plans for this day, but the weather didn’t allow them, so they came with a Plan B… They rented an AAMAZING Air Bnb in Watsons Bay to host their wedding and it was beautiful! Best idea ever.

Luckily, the day was so much better than expected, super sunny and warm! So when this happens.. you then realize that is going to be a great day, and so it was!

They shared their day with the people they loved the most and it was a simple and very meaningful ceremony, they laughed with their beautiful family, kids, and friends. Could you even ask for more? Everything was perfect!!

Riaz’s daughter was like a mini Bride! She was the happiest and more excited person in the ceremony, I loved her.

And what can I say about the decoration and all the food they had there! I think the kids were the happiest with all the sugar and chocolate they had hahah and the cake was impressively pretty!!

I’m so grateful they chose me to take their pictures! They are the nicest family on earth and I know they will be super happy together, and even more when the new baby arrives!!!


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